Time proven traditional Chinese therapies and remedies

What can Traditional Chinese Medicine do?

 China has a long history with abundant medical miracles and recorded therapies, food and herbal remedies for various diseases, ranging  from common colds and flu, cough, sinusitis, allergies, gout, pains, asthma, gynecological issues, menopausal symptoms, arthritis, to complicate ones like heart diseases, insomnia, infertility, depression, diabetes, tumors, and many other chronic conditions. 

We not only treat diseases, but also teach you how to prevent them.

Healing With Herbs

Each disease is a developing process that can change in nature or in degree either retreating or progressing. Knowing which way it is developing, we can prevent or stop a disease process. Sometimes, a simple common cold can be progressive into high blood pressure because cold can cause tissue or vessel constriction triggering high blood pressure, while some other times high blood pressure can be reversed back into a self healable common cold, vice versa. Many disease can be prevented and healed by the same manner.

A Healthy Community

Chinese Medicine

When you choose us, you not only find a clinics for high quality acupuncture and various therapies, herbal remedies in Pleasanton, but also enter into a new but familiar community. It is new for richness in information, ideas and advice. It is familiar to you because we propagate health ideas and reasons behind that make sense to you. So that you can educate  yourself and rely less on others for a better health.