Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Body Pains


I saw Dr Cheng because a friend recommended him.  I injured my back a few months back and went to a Chiropractor with no success.  I saw Dr Cheng and after one session my back pain gone.  He inserts the needles without pain which is wonderful.  I suffered a knee injury 3 years ago and had surgery and then fell on it two times after that.  My pain level was 8-10.  After two sessions my pain level is 1-2 out of a (1-10 scale).  It is amazing!!  Really a miracle....Dr Cheng is right here in my neighborhood of Pleasanton which is so convenient also.  He offers eve appts and weekend so you do not have to miss work.  

L. Constantine, Pleasanton, CA, November 21, 2018 

Kid's Rash Bumps

 A few days ago, my son had rash bumps as shown in the picture. I consulted with Dr. Cheng, and he prescribed an herbal formula for my son's condition. Next day, all the rash bumps disappeared and the skin condition was completely restored. Thanks to Dr. Cheng and his skills.

P. Hu, San Jose, CA, Nov 13, 2018,

Headache, Sore Throat & Fatigue


I am in my mid-30s and lead a very active lifestyle with my 2 small children.  Several months ago, I was experiencing some significant emotional stress in my life which quickly took a physical toll on my body.  One morning, I woke up feeling very off: lethargic, headachy and with an incredibly sore throat.  My voice was almost completely gone.  Shortly after, I was immobilized in bed, able only to make trips to the bathroom to be sick. 

A friend of mine contacted Dr. Cheng, who was able to speak to me over the phone that evening as I wasn't able to leave my house.  After hearing about my symptoms, Dr. Cheng took a significant amount of time out of his own personal evening to create a herbal formula to help me.  He even delivered it personally to my house at 9:30pm!  While the herbal formula did not taste great, I could feel it heating me up from the inside and my vomiting stopped.  Over the next 24 hours, Dr. Cheng contacted me several times to check in and see how I was doing.

The next day, I was feeling significantly better and by that afternoon I was back to my regular self!  It was the quickest recovery from an illness that I have ever experienced!

Dr. Cheng's desire to help people become educated and heal their bodies is admirable.  I am very grateful for his attention, knowledge and care!  

T. Bennett, Livermore, CA,  Nov 7, 2018 

Dermatitis/eczema case


After over two years of searching for a solution for my atopic dermatitis/eczema (think poison oak that won't go away), that involved various remedies at different times: topical cortisone/steroids (OTC & Rx), anti-bacterials, fungicides, change of diet, change of soaps/detergents, homeopathy, and topical cannabis, I met Dr. Cheng. After an in depth questionnaire and a focused examination, Dr. Cheng said that in two to four weeks I would be cured and would be able to eat as before the inflammation. Since I had heard this or similar promises before from many of the doctors I had previously seen, I was polite but skeptical. 

Dr. Cheng's diagnosis required the one-time use of acupuncture and cupping, and then the daily taking of a customized herbal tea blend for two weeks. After the two weeks my skin was vastly improved but not totally healed. This was the first time I had seen positive results from any therapy without side effects since the onset of this condition! Dr. Cheng then did another examination and changed the herbal blend, instructing another two week regimen of daily tea drinking. 

It has now been three months since my last cup of herbal tea and I no longer have the itching eczema that was driving me crazy. I continue to use a preventative moisturizer on the affected areas as extremely dry skin preceded my condition. Dr. Chen said the lotion probably won't be necessary once the weather warms up in the Spring. All I can say is I look to results and after years of promises, Dr. Cheng was true to his word. Thanks to him I am inflammation and itch free. Thank you, Dr. Cheng!



Flu Case


I had heard that Dr. Cheng could make a remedy for the flu if started on the first or second day. When I became sick with the flu several weeks ago I was so sick my husband took me to see Dr. Cheng. Last year I suffered for 3 1/2 weeks with the flu and I wanted to prevent the same thing from happening this year. Dr. Cheng evaluated my situation and formulated an individualized remedy for me. I took the remedy that evening and by late afternoon the next day all my symptoms were gone. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Cheng's healing ability. E.M. 2/4/19